Formal Models in Comparative Politics (PLSC 47201)

Instructor. Monika Nalepa
Next offered. Spring 2017

Course Description. In this course we will discuss 10 newly published or still in press papers in Comparative Politics that employ formal modeling. We will study models of the state and its security agencies (by Dragu and Tyson), models of state-building (by Robinson and Lessing), models of authoritarianism and regime change (Svolik, Little, and Miller) and models of corruption and clientelism (by Stokes, Nichter, and Rueda). Because of its topical breadth, this course may therefore be also taken as a field survey in comparative politics. There are two prerequisites: Game Theory I (offered in the Autumn) and Game Theory II (offered in the Winter). The prerequisites may be waived with the consent of the instructor.