Advanced Game Theory (POLS514)

Course Description and Syllabus

Description. This course is the second in the formal theory sequence offered in the political science department. The class builds on the skills learned in the Introduction of Game Theory class by applying the solution concepts learned in the introductory course to more complicated games. The course will address many topics, including (but not limited to): bargaining, principal-agent relationships, and signaling games.

Syllabus. The course syllabus is located here.

Lecture Notes


Note: Solutions located on course Canvas page

  1. Homework 1: Refresher
  2. Homework 2: Multistage and Repeated Games
  3. Midterm Exam (Due 10am October 25)
  4. Homework 3: Static Bayesian Games
  5. Homework 4: Dynamic Bayesian Games

Supplemental Materials

LaTeX files and Other Miscellany