Course Syllabi

Here are my latest syllabi from the courses I have taught over the past 10 years. If you’d like more information or earlier syllabi for any of these courses, please email me.

Graduate Courses

Game Theory I (15-week course, 2015)
Game Theory II (10 week course, 2016)
The Politics of Congress and the Bureaucracy (2016)
Development of the United States Government (2010)

Undergraduate Courses

Legitimacy and Political Institutions (2016)
American Government
Bureaucracy (2012)
Congress (2011)
Social Science Inquiry I (2016)

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

Computational Modeling in the Social Sciences (2011)
Advanced Computational Modeling (2012)
Advanced Modeling in the Social Sciences (2012)
Political Leadership: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (2015)

Course Titles

Below is a list of the courses I have taught through my career.  If you are interested in information regarding these, please email me.

University of Chicago

Social Science Inquiry I (SOSC 131, Fall ’15, ’16)
Political Leadership: Historical & Contemporary Perspectives (PLSC 27702, Fall ’15)
Game Theory II (PLSC 31000, Winter ’16, ’17)
The Politics of Congress & the Bureaucracy (PLSC 43901, Winter ’16)
Legitimacy and Political Institutions (PLSC 24805, Fall ’16)

Washington University

Politics of Bureaucracies (Spring ’09,’10,’11,’12)
Graduate Game Theory (Spring ’09,’10,’11,’12,’14,’15)
Advanced Computational Modeling (Spring ’12)
The Legislative Process (Fall ’09,’10,’11)
Computational Modeling in the Social Sciences (Fall ’11)
Development of the US Federal Government: Theory and History (Fall ’10)
Seminar in American Politics: Formal Models of Political Institutions (Fall ’09)
Seminar in Formal Political Theory (Spring ’15)

Harvard University

Congress: Policy, Parties, & Institutions
Administrative Policymaking: How Government Really Affects You
Formal Political Theory: Noncooperative Game Theory
Analysis of Political Institutions
Formal Models in American Politics

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Policymaking Institutions
Public Economics
Formal Political Theory: Social Choice